ServiceEdge TBEST Hosting - Client Add-In

The ServiceEdge TBEST Hosting Client Add-in provides subscribers with the tools to access and manage hosted TBEST products.  The ServiceEdge TBEST Hosting Client provides the following:  
  • Activate the local subscriber and register with the TBEST Hosting service
  • Set the TBEST Download Settings to point to the hosted TBEST Model, Transit System(s), Socio-Economic Data
  • Update hosted/managed TBEST Model files on the local computer
  • View the Service Extent supported by the Model Subscription
  • Deactivate the local subscriber

TBEST Hosting Client Installation and Subscription Activation

  1. Install the latest TBEST 4.6 software on the local machine*.   Follow the TBEST 4.6 installation instructions here.
  2. Once installed, from the Windows Start menu open TBEST 4.6.
  3. Download and install the ServiceEdge TBEST Hosting Client Add-In*.  At the end of the install, use the installation option to open the Hosting Client Add-In.
  4. In the TBEST Hosting Subscription Manager (see screen capture below), enter your Name, Organization and Email address into the Subscriber Info.
  5. Enter the organization’s Hosting Subscription Key and click the Activate Subscription button. 
  6. Once activated, the subscription information will be listed in the Active Subscriptions list.  
  7. You are now ready to download the host organization’s data from within TBEST.  To download data, within TBEST go to the File -> Downloads menu and select either the Transit Systems, Socio-Economic Support Data or Model Files option. 
 *Local Administrative Permissions Required for software installation
ServiceEdge Solutions - TBEST Hosting Client Add-In